Stone masons in Birmingham and options for distributing ashes

If your loved one has been cremated, you are faced with a choice when it comes to deciding how to best distribute the ashes. Which option you ultimately decide on depends on how you wish to remember the deceased, what is a fitting tribute to their memory and, of course, if you would like a permanent resting place where friends and family can continue to visit for years to come.

Gardens of remembrance

Cremated remains can be scattered in special gardens of remembrance – either by family and friends or by funeral staff. There may also be the possibility of storing ashes in a columbarium, a wall containing niches into which funeral urns are placed. Although this isn’t common practice in the United Kingdom, the columbarium is becoming more popular.   

Alternatively, scattering may take place at sea, in a river or in another meaningful place, such as a woodland. Still, it is important to remember to consider the environmental impact of scattering ashes in waterways and on land and to seek permission from the landowner before doing so.

Another popular option is to scatter ashes at a sports ground, although each venue will have different rules that apply to the process.

Close to home

Keeping ashes in a memorial urn at home is a good way to keep the memory of the deceased close by. However, it is a good idea to keep a written record of where they are kept and what should happen to them in the future.

Using the garden in your own property is another idea, and you could also consider installing a garden memorial plaque too. Keep in mind that you will need to apply for an exhumation licence if you ever need to move the ashes.

Cremation plots

If you aren’t opting for a traditional casket or coffin, then you might be able to purchase a cremation plot. This is cheaper than a larger burial plot (because less space is taken up) and may be within an urn garden inside the larger cemetery.

There is also the possibility of interring ashes within an existing grave or family plot, alongside a small headstone.

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