Cremation or burial – what to consider when making a decision

Although a deceased person may have expressed a preference about cremation or burial, when they haven’t, family members or friends may find themselves faced with a difficult decision.

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This can be a stressful choice at a particularly sensitive time and one that may also be affected by spiritual or religious beliefs.
Alternatively, you may be thinking about your own choices and may be weighing up your options – in which case, it is a good idea to write down your wishes ahead of time. This ensures your preferences will be carried out and it also makes the lives of your loved ones much easier at the time as they grieve their loss. 

Should you choose cremation?

Cremations have become far more common over recent years. The price of cremations when compared with a traditional burial makes them a more affordable option for many and if you choose a ‘direct’ cremation, then the cost is even less. 

A direct cremation takes place without a traditional funeral service or even a standard coffin, so the price is kept down – although it is still possible to hold a separate remembrance event afterwards.      

Of course, cost isn’t the only consideration – and it certainly isn’t the most important. The scattering of a loved one’s ashes can be a necessary part of the grieving process and many people find great comfort in doing so. The place where ashes are scattered can be a wish of the deceased or the choice of family and friends and the destination usually has significant memories or meaning.

Should you choose a Garden of Remembrance?

Another possibility is the interment of ashes in a permanent place such as a relative’s burial plot or in a Garden of Remembrance. However, there may be additional associated costs with this, even if the plot has already been paid for. It’s important to seek advice in this situation.

Funeral services can be conducted in either the crematorium or in a place of worship, with mourners following on to the crematorium after religious ceremonies have concluded. 

Should you choose a burial?

Burials may be held in churchyards although it is important to note that many churchyards are full, with no new plots available. (However, the interment of ashes may still be allowed so it is always best to check with the appropriate cemetery management before coming to a final decision).

Cemeteries may also have quite strict rules on how burial plots can be marked, often stipulating that no ornate decoration is allowed. Again, this ultimately may have an influence on your choice so it’s important to check all options.

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