Create a unique memorial to commemorate a beautiful life.

Traditional Hand Carved Memorials

Davis Memorials is a reputable family run stone masonry business that for generations has supplied our customers with only the finest, hand crafted and beautifully bespoke headstones, gravestones, monuments and memorial plaques across the Halesowen area.

  • Traditional, hand carved memorials, gravestones, monuments, kerbed memorials, memorial plaques and grave ornaments created from the highest quality materials.
  • Personally hand crafted letters and inscriptions to give an extra special touch.
  • Home visits and Pick Up service
  • An extensive choice of products to showcase the memories and achievements of your loved ones.

For more than 180 years, we have supported families during their time of need, harnessing skills and techniques no longer used in the stone masonry industry so we can produce memorials of the highest standard.

Slate, granite, marble or sandstone… our experts can help you to tailor and perfect your gravestones and memorials so every phrase, inscription or carving is a fitting tribute to your loved ones lives, and the memories you wish to cherish.

We understand how hard it is to lose someone you love, and the difficulty of choosing a headstone that truly embodies who they were. That is why at Davis Memorials we always endeavour to make this selection process as easy as possible, so your thoughts can remain where they really want to be – with your friends and family.

Over the years we have helped many families across Halesowen to find peace with their loss and are proud of the reputation we have attained for the uniqueness of our craftsmanship; the sensitivity of our care, and the quality of our products.

With Davis Memorials you can contact us rest assured that you are in the hands of highly experienced stone masons who are committed to the creation of lasting and beautiful gravestones Halesowen that will stand the test of time.

So if you are based in Halesowen and need advice on what would be suitable for your loved ones; get in touch with us today to arrange an appointment to see our headstones, gravestones, plaques and monuments Halesowen.