New Davis Memorials showroom opens in Bilston

With a rich history connected to West Midlands, Davis Memorials has now established a dedicated showroom in Bilston to offer our services to more customers.

With a headquarters and workshop based at Old Hill and a showroom in Kidderminster, Davis Memorials has now added a further location in the region at an easily accessible site on Dudley Road in Bilston.

The aim of the new shop is to make it easier for customers to see what Davis Memorials offer and to find the support and advice they need when planning a memorial for a loved one.

We are aware how difficult making decisions can be in a time of grief and taking care of all arrangements that need to be made. Hopefully the new showroom will fulfil this need and make the process easier.

New memorial stone showroom in Bilston

A historic market town, Bilston was initially an agricultural area but was completely transformed during the industrial revolution with large scale industry taking hold, namely coal and steel. 

With this vast upsurge in industry came large numbers of houses to match the needs of workers drawn to the industrial jobs and Bilston became a busy town.

These industrial uses shaped the formation of the town and its fortunes over the following century.

More recently, over the past 20 years, the town has been enjoying an upturn in its fortunes and continues to have a strong community bond for families who have lived there for decades.

A West Midlands memorial company

Davis Memorials has been a fixture of the West Midlands for 170 years and is proud to have the opportunity to establish roots in another of the area’s communities. 

Having been established in nearby Old Hill for more than 120 years we look forward to working closely with the community in Bilston.

Situated next door to the long-established A and A Walters Funeral Independent Directors, our Bilston showroom will enable families to see what gravestones, headstone and memorials are available to mark the memory of a loved one. 

Offering experience and the personal touch, Davis Memorials can create memorials to suit all budgets and will work with you to make sure you have the perfect tribute.

Memorials are available in materials including:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Sandstone

These can then be finished in matt or polished with your choice of wording added.

At the shop in Bilston customers will be able to look at the possible options for gravestones, headstones and memorials and discuss personalisation.

Bespoke memorials, Bilston 

Davis Memorials will work with you to create a bespoke memorial that meets all your needs.

Offering traditional craftsmanship and quality, Davis Memorials relies on a time-tested approach that has stood the test of time. 

Hand carving, bespoke messages and a wide choice of stone are all part of the service to make sure that a permanent memorial is exactly what you want. 

To find out more about the memorial stones that can be created by Davis Memorials visit our new showroom at 159 Dudley Street, call us on  01902 497838 or fill in our online form.