How to choose flowers for a memorial

It’s said that flowers have a language all of their own, with each variety holding a deeply held symbolic meaning. That’s why selecting the right type of flower for either a funeral or memorial vase can seem like a bewildering process – especially when there is a vast array to choose from and any floral tribute will need to be an appropriate reflection of the deceased.

Classic roses

A rose is an eternal symbol of everlasting love and, for this reason, is a popular choice for memorials. Visually, the delicate shades and hues available can make for an aesthetically pleasing look while individual colours also denote different meanings. For example, white represents innocence and yellow signifies friendship. When arranged in combination, it is possible to convey a beautiful and moving message.

A soul departed

The lily was revered by the Ancient Greeks for its beauty and it isn’t difficult to see why. White lilies are believed to represent purity and devotion and when used in funerals, are thought to show that the departed soul has been returned to a state of innocence after death.

A majestic flower

Gladioli are an impressive sight and indeed the name stems from the Latin word for sword, gladius. With long leaves and a wide variety of colours, gladioli are supposed to signify strength and moral integrity.

Long-lasting tributes

Carnations are another popular choice for memorials and funerals because they can last for a long time and their beauty is not diminished. Just as with roses, different colours are used to convey different meanings – with pink used to signify motherly love and red for admiration.

New beginnings

If friends and family wish to mark a fresh beginning, then tulips and daffodils can be incorporated into an arrangement. White tulips are particularly poignant and can be used to represent forgiveness.
Of course, not all flowers need to carry a meaning. While many people find comfort in selecting the perfect floral arrangement to tell a story and share a deeper symbolism, it is important to remember that this process is not set in stone. Each symbol is open to interpretation and each circumstance is different.
Organise a personal memorial

Organise a personal memorial

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