04C2BCBB-F743-4EF8-B55B-7360DE672642-1With more than 180 years experience in the stone masonry industry, Davis Memorials is a family run stone masonry business with a long heritage of creating high quality stone memorials, memorial headstones and beautifully crafted gravestones.

We believe that when creating a headstone memorial for a loved one, the attention to detail that is displayed in its creation is of utmost importance. In order to create the perfect and lasting memorial for your loved one, we will consult with you on every aspect of the design, material and inscription so that it conveys everything you want it to convey.

Using high quality materials such as granite, marble, slate or sandstone, we will craft the memorial to your precise requirements and using traditional stone masonry hand-carving techniques, we will create your chosen inscription with great care and craftsmanship.

From headstones and monuments to memorial plaques and grave ornaments, we are able to create the perfect memorial for your loved one. Selecting a headstone or gravestone can be a daunting task so if you are unsure on what type of material to choose or inscription to have and need advice about what would be the most suitable then please do not hesitate to contact us.