Some tried and tested methods of lettering such as in-laid lead letters on marble and raised lead letters on granite have been lost down the years by many, but our craftsmen still use them.

Our craftsmen are also skilled in restoration work, so apart from supplying new memorials, older and dilapidated memorials can be restored, cleaned and rebuilt to how they used to look. Additional inscriptions can be added to older memorials to match the original method that was used on the headstone, making the lettering look consistent.


We are able to match any technique of lettering on a headstone, and have facilities for sand-blasting, but we always carve the letters on our new memorials by hand.

The process of hand carving letters, using a hammer and tungsten chisel gives a lovely smooth finish with the letters having a ‘v’ cut groove as can be seen in the pictures. The process of hand carving gives every letter a unique quality that shows it has been produced by craftsmen. Once the letters are complete, they can be finished whichever way individual customers prefer. Most people have them in-laid with genuine fine gold leaf.


All our work is also carried out to conform to HSE standards, using the modern ‘ground anchor’ system and our company is BRAMM registered.

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