How to help a loved one before a funeral or memorial service

Whether your grieving loved one has lost someone suddenly or the deceased died after a long illness, the fact is that this person will need to manage a number of things whilst still dealing with their grief. For instance, they’ll have to organise a funeral director, make a decision about the type of interment, make a plan for the memorial service or funeral etc. If the grieving person is someone close to you (a family member or a friend), it will show how much you care by offering to help them because their feelings can be overwhelming if they are experienced them alone.


You could ask them to leave the coordination of these activities to you. First of all, you can take care of the guests that are coming from other towns/cities. You can also handle and distribute food or meals that are brought to the family home. It is also very helpful to take any calls on the home telephone and respond to messages. If there are young children, you can play your part in taking care of them. You can also contribute to the planning process and personally help the grieving person to prepare for this event.

If you want to coordinate affairs, you should be prepared to listen to individuals’ needs, requirements and wishes. You need to let your emotions aside and focus on your duties. If you feel that some of the activities are overwhelming, then don’t be afraid to ask others to help you. Most people will be glad to help you in situations like this. However, don’t try to delegate the responsibility of coordination to others. It needs to be mutually agreed.

One of the most important tasks in situations like this is to prepare the home for visitors in case the family expects guests after or before the funeral. You can help the family clean the home and maybe help prepare food for all the guests. You should also make sure that there are enough drinks and that guests have access to everything they need.

Being close to someone means being there for them and by providing support to a grieving person close to you, your friendship and bond will become even stronger.