Ways to remember the loss of a baby

The loss of a child is devastating and when that child is just a baby it seems also most more heart-breaking. Many people who have been through a tragedy like this have stated that creating or do something that simply marks their loss has been part of their healing process so in this blog we will look at some of the options.


First, if you happen to miscarry before six months of pregnancy, there is no legal recognition of the life of the baby. However, there are hospitals that are willing to give you a certificate in order to mark this sad event, if you want one. If the hospital doesn’t have this kind of practice, you could ask one of the members of the staff to issue something like a certificate or a note. The hospital chaplain, the hospital’s PALS officer, the bereavement service or the nurse assigned to you might help you.

Furthermore, you should consider an appropriate ceremony. If you are unable to organise a ceremony or funeral after this sad event, you may still want to organise a memorial service. People usually do this in their place of worship or in their homes or at some place that is special to them. Most people who have gone through this tend to make these occasions very intimate, inviting only their closest friends and family members to be present.

There are many hospitals that organise services of remembrance for babies every year. Ask the hospital chaplain for additional information. There are also local groups organized by the Miscarriage Association and many Christian remembrance services organized in different cathedrals across the United Kingdom at different times of the year.

Many people use the hospital’s book of remembrance to mark the loss of their baby. Others plant a tree in their own garden or find a local remembrance garden and plant a flower or tree there. You can also simply light a candle on special days or anniversaries. Marking the loss of your baby is a very personal thing and there is no right or wrong. Whatever gives you and your partner comfort and strength is the most important thing.