Unique ways to remember a lost loved one

There is no universal way to express sorrow and grief when a person close to us dies. This is something that you cannot learn and there are no strict rules that you should follow. Some people may want to cry while others seek peace. It’s a good idea to take some time for yourself too, and give yourself the time to go through the grieving process. When you are ready, there are many unique ways you can look in to in order to remember your lost loved one. Here are some suggestions:

Choose a star

People will always be impressed by the universe because it is such a huge, unexplored and unknown quantity. The stars dominate this vast space and it is very easy to choose one star in the sky that will serve as a reminder of the person who is not among us anymore. There are companies you can go to in order to name a star after your loved one, and this will last as a poignant reminder every time you look at the night’s sky.


Do you have an audio or video recording of your lost loved one? If you have various pieces of audio and video of your loved one, you can contact a video editor who can edit all these pieces together. This will give you a wonderful keepsake that you can keep returning to watch whenever you want to be reminded of your loved one.

Do something good

Do something good for others in their name. For example, you can plant a new tree or volunteer in the local charity organisation. Think about your lost loved one and what they would have wanted to do.  You can choose some significant day in their life when you will do this, like their birthday.


Every person has some favourite decorations or items. You can use their decorations/items to decorate your own home or the Christmas tree for example. These items will act as an annual reminder every time you put your Christmas decorations up.

Achieve some relatively big goal

Finally, you can try something new and achieve some relatively big goal in your life like participating in a marathon or doing a sky dive for example. If your loved one died of a particular illness, you could organise sponsorship for that particular cause and raise money. This can be a very cathartic way of remembering your loved one.

There are many things that we can do to remember the people who are not among us anymore. Take some time to think about what would be the perfect way for you.