Summer Colours to Lighten up Funeral Flowers

Remembering a loved one and celebrating all that they stood for at a memorial service is never going to be easy. At least the modern day send off tends to be more towards light-hearted rejoicing as opposed to a morbid goodbye.

Many individuals now plan for their own funeral and build a commemorative chest of wishes that personify their life and those they shared special memories with. People now design their memorial service and arrange for personal memoirs to be delivered by those who are most dear.

Funeral flowers can speak volumes

A big part of saying goodbye is the final gift of flowers. A touching gesture of fresh scents and colourful vibrancies, a lot can be said with a beautiful bloom. Flowers are a symbolic expression of love and sympathy, immortality and eternity.

Summer carries a subliminal disposition of positivity. With warmer temperatures and lighter, longer days, people are naturally cheerier. Summer flowers offer more variety, often more effervescence and can be exotic in character.

Popular flowers during summer 2017 include Asian exotic collections of orange anthurium, mokara orchid or burgundy dahlia.

Cool blue delphinium, blue roses, veronica and dianthus green ball can depict harmonious tones of nature.

Celebrating those with an adventurous streak, consider intense jungle tones embodied by bird of paradise, parakeet heliconia, yellow tulips or pincushion protea.

And for those who prefer to keep it traditional, choose large flowers to vividly honour a life such as lilies, carnations, gladioli and the faithful English rose.

Express emotions with funeral flower arrangements

Flowers are a sign of expression from family and friends and help to convey emotions whilst collectively sharing the love for those they held most dear. And there is so much variety. Funeral flower arrangements to choose from include:

  • Sheaves
  • Posies
  • Pillows
  • Wreaths
  • Cushions
  • Crosses
  • Baskets
  • Casket sprays – usually presented by family members who arrange the funeral
  • Hearts
  • Frames
  • Letters or names
  • Personalised Tribute

Saying goodbye is never easy, but rather than succumbing to inconsolable feelings, stay positive and rejoice life. Remember the achievements of your friend, colleague or family member and everything you shared. A personal message portrayed through flowers at a funeral can be a small gesture with a big meaning.