Scattering ashes – popular places to say goodbye to a loved-one

Treasured memories – that’s what we want to keep close after the loss of a loved-one. Scattering ashes in a special place is one of the most poignant ways to maintain that deep emotional connection.


More popular than ever

The popularity of scattering ashes has continued in direct proportion to more and more people choosing cremation over burial. In the 1970s, only about 12% of ashes were taken away by loved ones, the rest staying at the crematorium. However, that figure has risen considerably with well over 50 per cent now taking ashes away, either to keep or spread elsewhere. The wish of more people to plan their own funeral, and direct where they would like their ashes scattered, has added to this changing attitude.

A wide variety of options

Many people choose to have a small ceremony as the ashes are scattered, involving close friends and relatives. This can be a beautifully poignant way to say goodbye. Rivers, streams, and lakes make for a popular choice. However, as with scattering on private land, always ensure you have permission from the landowner if the area is not subject to public access.

Lure of the sea

Water often has special memories and scattering ashes at sea, unlike a burial at sea, needs no special licence. Some hire boats to scatter ashes at sea, but most coastline is easily accessible. Knowing a loved-one’s ashes have been spread at a favourite seaside location makes a return there ever-lastingly special.

Somewhere higher

Mountains or panoramic viewpoints make similarly poignant settings for ashes to be scattered – although bear in mind the weather conditions. It is also worth considering selecting somewhere a little off the beaten track to provide an element of privacy away from others in the nearby area.

Sports fans

Sporting facilities such as football grounds and cricket pitches remain ever-popular – loyalty to and love of a club never ends. Again, always seek permission because these are generally private ventures.

No place like home

And remember, for some home was always a favourite place. Many will have no wish to spread a loved-one’s ashes. They will just want to keep them close.