Popular flowers for a memorial

In many cultures different types of flowers symbolise different things. When it comes to memorials people usually don’t have time to think much about this, but it helps to learn more about the most popular and suitable flowers for memorials when the need arises. Here is a quick guide on which popular flowers are most suitable for funerals.


First of all, you can never go wrong with lilies. These flowers are used for any occasion and in many cultures. Generally speaking, lilies resemble innocence. The most sought after sub-breed of lilies is the white stargazer and these are especially popular memorial flowers.

Another popular choice is carnations. One of the main reasons behind their popularity is their long life. White coloured carnations symbolize true love and pink ones symbolize remembrance. This is what makes them very popular memorial flowers.

Gladioli are a relatively tall flower (up to four feet) and include a strong stem with many flowers. Those looking for a traditional and classic flower for a memorial then gladioli should be on your list. Many people consider gladioli to be flowers that represent moral strength and exceptional character. Gladioli  can be found in many colours so make your choice based on personal preference or what would have been the preference of your departed loved one.

Another versatile flower is the rose. People, especially in the UK, are fond of roses because they have so many different colours and they are an iconic symbol of our country.  According to tradition, each of these colours has a different meaning. For example, a dark crimson coloured rose suggests sorrow, red symbolizes respect and love, white roses are often associated with innocence and yellow roses represent strong connections.


Chrysanthemums are used only as funeral flowers in many places in Europe including Hungary and Spain. The same goes for Asia.

Hydrangea plant

These plants are not exclusively used on memorials, but they can certainly be used as a gesture to the grieving family.

Orchid plant

If you choose a white or pink orchid plant, you can rest assured that you’ve chosen a flower that is appropriate because this plant has been used for hundreds of years. They have always been linked to eternal love and mourning.

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