A mighty symbol of strength – choosing a memorial tree for your loved one

What better way to share someone’s legacy, to pass down through the generations of your family, than a memorial tree that will mature and grow for years to come?

Flora has long been a steadfast offering when it comes to remembering a loved one after they have passed but remembrance gifts are often in the form of flowers or bushes.

A mighty oak tree or beech tree will stand the test of time and immortalise as a symbol of forever love. Each year that a memorial tree flourishes you’ll be gifted time and time again with precious memories.

Trees are a living tribute to the one you loved so dearly and they are the perfect choice to preserve everlasting memories. Imagine a cherished tree maturing in your own back garden and keeping those thoughts close by very single day.

Popular memorial trees

There are various options available that include thoughtful touches over and above purchasing a tree from the local garden centre.

Memorial tree gift packs sympathetically protect your chosen tree and include everything you’d need to plant your commemorative sapling, including a protector tube and support stake for planting.

Choose from engraved plaques and plinths with a personalised message to honour your loved one. Popular trees include:

  • Ash
  • Blackthorn
  • Grey Willow
  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Rose bush varieties

Memorial locations are meant to offer solace, a quiet tranquillity to remember family and friends that no longer walk with us. By their very nature, trees have calming qualities and it’s easy to understand why the countryside and parks are a sought after solitude for many. And no more so than during periods of grief.

Saying goodbye is difficult but never think of it as farewell forever.

A memorial tree will keep memories alive season after season, year after year … until you meet again.

Have you ever invested in a memorial tree? Please share your stories with us.