Is there a right way to florally mark a graveside?

Grief and mourning are complex emotional matters. This is not a one size fits all scenario. It is about as deeply personal a situation as we are ever likely to face.

The complexity doesn’t end with the organisational side of a funeral. It continues long afterwards in people’s thoughts. Flowers are a case in point. When visiting the memorial of a loved-one, what is the best way to mark their passing with flowers?

Should it be marked with solemnity, reflected in the choice of blooms, or should a more celebratory tone be taken? Should bouquets reflect life or death? What will others think of your choices? At your heart is a single nagging question – am I doing right by my loved-one?

Be true to yourself

It’s important in such situations to be true to emotions and ourselves. Only we can truly know how we feel, and we have to trust our instincts. We knew the deceased in life, and now we know them in death.

Seek advice about the right way to florally mark a graveside

Being true to ourselves does not mean being alone. Many florists are well used to and wholly welcome giving advice to those who are worried about getting such a personal tribute or memory right. They will advise not just on blooms and their different emotional meanings, but on the type of display – a loose arrangement to something a little more formal. They will put your mind at rest.

Remember too, that this is also a discussion you can readily have with the memorial provider themselves. Their knowledge of graveside etiquette – if indeed there is such a thing – is second to none. It’s all too easy to forget that, while many of us walk or drive past graveyards on a daily basis, there will always be a first time we personally are the ones deeply affected. At that point we can understandably feel lost. The pressure to do things ‘right’ and be seen to do so can be overwhelming. Please talk to Davis Memorials if you should so wish.

Look around

What sometimes needs to happen is to take a step back. Look what those around you are doing. Look how others pay tribute florally at the graveside. It will give you ideas and also, if it makes you feel comfortable, parameters within which to apply your own ideas.

In reality, there is only one person who knows the right answer when it comes to florally adorning a graveside – you.

But carry with you this thought – you, and your heart, are never alone.

We hope you have found this blog helpful and informative. Please feel free to contact us for help and advice at 01384 566 958.