Memorials in Kidderminster: A guide to cleaning and maintaining your memorial headstone

Keeping a memorial headstone in a good condition is important when making sure that the memory of the deceased continues to be observed and respected by future generations. Sadly over time, weather can take its toll and lack of care can result in deterioration.

If you’re looking for memorials in Kidderminster, we’ve put together a cleaning and maintenance guide that will help to ensure your headstone is better able to withstand the test of time.

Professional help

Some councils will provide a maintenance plan for family members or friends to look after headstones and graveside areas. This maintenance plan may include tasks such as cutting grass and plant and flower upkeep.

Still, there are times when a professional stonemason must be used. This includes occasions when any inscription has become illegible or there has been serious damage due to weather and the passing of time. A stonemason will also be able to safely undertake a deep clean, in many cases restoring the memorial to its former glory.

Everyday care of memorials in Kidderminster

Family and friends can undertake light cleaning of a memorial headstone if they take care. Indeed, if cleaning is carried out regularly, it can help to prevent the accumulation of dirt and maintain the general ‘look’ of the memorial – although it should be noted that flat memorials will naturally weather quicker than upright memorials due to greater exposure to the elements.

For granite memorials, wiping gently with a soft and slightly damp cloth should be sufficient, although a mild solution of warm water and washing up liquid can be used for tricky stains.

For marble memorials, a similar solution to that used for granite may be applied. Leave it for a few minutes before washing off with water. Meanwhile, a soft brush can help to wipe away any stubborn marks followed by a soft buff of the memorial surface.


  • Do not scrub or rub lettering as this may cause flaking – particularly if gold letters have been used. Instead, gently dab at the letters and if in doubt, contact a professional stonemason who can clean it properly.
  • Avoid stronger cleaning solutions or products containing bleach as this can cause long-lasting damage – as well as being potentially harmful to the surrounding grass or plants.

If unsure, seek assistance when restoring memorials

If you would like to speak to us about restoring memorials and you are located in Kidderminster, complete our contact form or call the team on 01384 566 958.

Alternatively, if you require information about a brand new headstone, please speak to us about the options available.