Choosing a kerbed memorial

Saying goodbye to someone loved then lost is a tragic period for friends and family but choosing a memorial is a chance to add a lasting testimonial to their memory.

There are many memorials to choose from including traditional high quality stone masonry gravestones and headstones. What you choose should reflect your loved one’s personality and traits alongside how you wish to remember them.

What is a kerbed memorial?

Commonly seen as an older choice of gravestone, kerbed memorials frame the entire grave plot along all four sides. Most kerb memorials include an engraved stone at the head and flower containers in the centre or corner edges and offer an impressive setting to look upon.

Fading from popularity for a period, due to cost, graveyard space and innovative alternatives, kerbed memorials are increasing in acceptance once again. Now with many more options available kerb memorials are a work of art and make a grand statement to the memory of one held so dear.

Handcrafted kerbed memorials by Davis Memorials

These sturdy markers are tenderly fashioned by the Davis Memorials stonemasons using a variety of materials including granite, slate, marble or sandstone to offer a classic or contemporary appearance.

Each material has its own unique properties but all can be designed in any shape or pattern desired. Religious crosses, angels and symbols, or love hearts, flowers and books can be carved into the headstone or footplate of the kerbed memorial.

Enhancements to dress a kerb memorial

A heartfelt inscription enables a lasting tribute to someone treasured, which can be engraved using gilt or your choice of colour. Portraits can be added as photo plaques or specified design work added to the surface of the headstone.

Coloured stone chippings or glass shingles are available to adorn the centre area of the kerbed memorial to match any gravestone imagery or for when friends and family add flowers to the grave.

A choice of ornaments can add a touch of individuality to a kerbed memorial that helps to relive the interests and influences of a loved one’s past.

For advice on creating a gravestone or kerbed memorial that is personal to you and your family please get in touch with Davis Memorials.