How to maintain a memorial headstone

Memorial headstones serve as lasting reminders of our loved ones who have passed away. They are usually made of high-quality materials and designed to stand the test of time. However, just like almost any other physical item, memorial headstones need maintenance in order to keep their properties.

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Memorial headstones are made from different materials which mean that they require different cleaning and maintenance approaches.

First of all, we will talk about natural stone and marble headstones. These natural materials are very attractive, but if they are left without maintenance for a long period of time they can absorb moisture, become dusty and dirty and even lose their original colour. According to experts, we should use clear bleach and a scrubbing brush with strong bristles for the marble and stone. When it comes to the lettering, you can use the same chemical, but you should use a soft brush.

The bleach should be applied everywhere and you should pay special attention to the areas affected by grime and dirt. In the end, use cold water to rinse the memorial headstone. Perform this activity every few months. In order to preserve its property, don’t put potted flowers and plants directly on the memorial. You should also remove decaying flowers. Finally, avoid brushes with strong bristles for the lettering.

Granite stone should be cleaned and maintained in a slightly different way. These memorials are usually carefully polished and dirt can’t accumulate so easily. Some headstones have rustic surfaces on the sides or the back and this is where moss, dirt and lichen can accumulate. In order to clean these areas, use the same method used for cleaning marble and natural stone. But, if you want to clean the areas that are polished well, use cuttle-fish to restore the shine.

The lettering should be treated with a soft brush and a mixture of water and soap. Avoid the use of abrasive products and cream cleaners to treat the polished surfaces. Never use a brush with hard bristles to clean the letters.

For more advice about maintaining memorial headstones, please get in touch.