Could cremation jewellery be the ideal keepsake to treasure a loved one?

It’s not too well known and the initial thought about cremation jewellery as a way to remember a loved one may carry mixed feelings.

A bespoke handcrafted piece of jewellery is immensely personal and is often gifted to celebrate a significant milestone in someone’s life – a special birthday, an anniversary, a symbol of eternal love. So what could be more personal than keeping a lost loved one close to your heart?

What does cremation jewellery look like?

As with a normal piece of jewellery, a cremation piece (or set) can be created from many shapes, sizes and include:

  • Jewels and gemstones of your choice
  • An array of precious metals
  • Glass or crystals

The chosen piece to secure the ashes can be a set of earrings, a pendant, charm bracelet or ring – anything you’re able to wear. The options are endless and will normally include a presentation box and some form of personalised message so cremation jewellery is a great choice to gift to the one closest to the person who has passed.

How can ashes be combined with jewellery?

There are different techniques available but the ashes will usually be incorporate with a special resin, available in different colours, or glass. Once the material has solidified, it will be fused with precious stones and metal. You can even keep the image of a loved one alive with photograph engraved cremation jewellery.

People take comfort in knowing their wife, husband, parent, relative or friend is still close, even after they have passed. Think of cremation jewellery as a token presence that will always remain – little piece to treasure forever.

Choose your jeweller wisely

It’s a personal decision so take your time in finding a jeweller that you’re happy to send the ashes to and feel completely confident in their ability. Review past examples on their website and speak to them in person if you can. It’s an emotional time and you need someone who will take the utmost care to keep the ashes safe whilst in their possession and endeavour to create the best piece possible.

Keep your loved one close

No one wants to lose a family member or a friend. Cremation jewellery is a heartfelt way to ensure their memories live on and that they remain close at all times.

Do you own cremation jewellery or have commissioned a piece for a loved one in the past? We love to hear your experience and thoughts about the jewellery.