5 ways to honour and remember a departed loved one

Without any doubt, the grieving process can be a lengthy one and every person goes through it differently. When someone dies, the house where that person lived is changed forever. Many people say that their home constantly reminds them of the deceased person, but the fact is that family who still reside there after their loved one has departed should continue to use this home and be present physically, spiritually and emotionally in it. There are many things that you can do to honour and remember a departed loved one without affecting your everyday life.


For example, you can plant a tree that will remind you of this person. Many people plant trees when they celebrate a birth, but you can also use trees to keep the memory of a departed person alive too. Planting a flowering tree is often seen as the best option and when it blooms every year it acts as a poignant reminder of your loved one.

Furthermore, if your loved one that is no longer present in this world had some favourite books, you can find a place in your home where you can keep these books. The books they’ve read say a lot about their character and they will be a constant reminder of their personality. Simply put up a few shelves and place the books there.

You could also use a practice that has been followed for many centuries – creation of a portrait of the departed loved one. Many artists are specialised in painting portraits so they can do a remarkable job.

It is also a good idea to create photo albums or collages of old photos of your loved one. Find photos where they were captured alone and photos where you were together. You could also frame a few images taken from their birthdays, wedding day or graduation to chart key moments in their life.

There are many people who have collections or hobbies that include different items. If your deceased loved one had such collections or hobbies you can either continue their work/activity or you can give the items to a person close to them who shares this interest. Both options will help you keep the memory alive.

These are just some of the ways you can honour your loved one. For any advice about creating a lasting memorial to your dearly departed, please get in touch.